Adminitrasi PT Astra Honda Motor

Lowongan Kerja   11 Mei 2011

PT Astra Honda Motor is the largest motorcycle manufacturing & distribution company in Indonesia, with more than 10,000 total employees. In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. Astra Honda Motor is always working to provide the best mobility solution that could meet customer needs with world class management system. Every person at PT Astra Honda Motor valued in accordance with his/ her achievements and potential, if you are a person who meets the desired qualifications, we are looking forward to welcoming you to join PT Astra Honda Motor.

Senior IR Officer (HR-IRE)

Job Descriptions
  • Responsible for updating the regulations and labor laws for implementation of enterprise solutions
  • The formulation and negotiation PKB
  • enforce the law, order and discipline of employees with problems including counseling, investigation, news-making events and represent the company in legal proceedings related
  • To prevent and resolve industrial disputes and strikes
  • Detect early industrial relations problems and take action so that the problems are not enlarged
  • Fostering a productive relationship with SPSI
  • Bachelor (S1) degree in Law
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Experienced as a Lawyer
  • Mastering labour law and regulations, mass communication and negotiation techniques
  • Able to approach the informal leader, work & PUK leader

Purchase Control & Administration (GA-PURCH)

Job Descriptions
  • Responsible for making the PO in SAP and print PO
  • Coordinate with users to ensure the sample of goods or other supporting documents is complete PO
  • Assisting vendors who have trouble verifying
  • Helping to monitoring by the vendor for shipping goods on time
  • Diploma 3 degree in any major
  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Maximum 25 years old
  • Mastering Microsoft Office
  • Honest, thorough, skillful, initiative and responsible
  • Posses good communication skill (internal & external)

Should you interested please apply at links below, not later than June 30, 2011.//


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